In The Name Of Allah <br> The Beneficent The Merciful

In The Name Of Allah
The Beneficent The Merciful

To advance the religion of Islam, by means of, but not exclusively, promoting the teachings and tenets of Islam, provision of facilities for worship and islamic education, in accordance with the teachings of the Quraan and the sunnah of the prophet muhammad (pbuh) as defined and interpreted by the ahle-sunnah-wal-jamaah school of thought. To advance education for the benefit of the poor, the underprivileged and the general public by means of, but not exclusively, the provision or the assistance in the provision of educational activities and facilities, such as supplementary schools and adult learning programmes, for the benefit of the said persons.

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The aim of Daarul Huda is to produce Ulama and leaders who are competent in the Islamic sciences such as Tafsir and Hadith, and who also possess the professional skills necessary to serve, guide and lead the Muslim community. Daarul Huda’s overall curriculum is designed to produce specialism and academic excellence on the one hand as well as widely promote and facilitate the study of the Islamic Sciences and elevate the standard of Islamic learning in Muslims of all ages and backgrounds.

Daarul Huda runs a course for preparing students with basic Islamic knowledge and Arabic language called ‘Sanatain, Arabic & Islamic Studies Intensive’ that fulfils the prerequisites of its undergraduate level programme called the ‘Alimiyyah Programme’.

In addition to its core function, the Madrasa fulfils its commitment to the propagation of Islamic education by the offering of part time and short courses on various Islamic topics.

Determining what you want or your child to achieve from Arabic & Islamic studies is a crucial step towards this life & the life hereafter. If you want quality and professional education in your spoken language then we have classes for all ages and all gender.

When we search for a Science, Maths or English teacher we pay the highest to get the best TUTOR but when it comes to the Qur'an and Islamic studies then we are relaxed. Why?

We have male and female teachers. Please visit our ‘courses’ page.

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